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Term Life vs. Whole Life Insurance

Learn about the differences so you can make the best decision for your family The whole concept of insurance is based on the “what if?” premise. With so many chances for calamity (both big and small) when you leave your home, insurance lets you live your life knowing...

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Do You Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Answering your questions about umbrella insurance Sorting out different types of insurance can cause anyone to become confused. One of the least understood types of coverage is an umbrella policy. What does it cover? Who needs to have one? How much coverage should...

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Stay at Home Spouses Need Life Insurance Too

Ready for a surprise? Calculate the cost to replace the services your stay-at-home spouse provides Protect the breadwinner. It’s what you might expect an insurance professional to advise. It makes sense to cover the singular source of a family’s income – but what...

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How to Insure a Vacation Home

Use these tips to get the right coverage If you take a trip every year to the same place, it may make more sense to consider buying a home there instead of spending money on a hotel or house rental. Of course, purchasing a second home is a big investment, so there are...

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The Five Types of Personal Insurance

You’ve insured your stuff, but what about you? We all know how important insurance is, yet it’s very common to be underinsured. In many instances, people focus on their possessions; if you have a home or car, almost certainly you have insurance for them. But a...

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Behind Rising Auto Insurance Rates

In many cases, an increase doesn’t make sense, especially if you haven’t filed a claim. So, what’s the story behind the rapid rise in auto insurance rates, and is there anything you can do to stem the tide?

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5 Reasons to Switch Insurance Companies

Changing insurers may seem like a chore – but your bank account and your future may thank you for it Would you accept thousands of dollars for a few hours of work? We’re guessing you would. This could be the situation if you take time to review your current insurance...

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