We’ve put a year’s worth of insurance insights at your fingertips. Learn more about various policies, tips, and trends for a smarter 2022.

Insurance is a crucial way to protect yourself, whether you have personal policies or are running a business. Unfortunately, many individuals and organizations aren’t quite as covered as they should be — while some lack essential policies. And much of this situation and the resulting risk is driven by not knowing enough about coverage types and how various policies work.

This is why NICRIS is on a mission to educate everyone about insurance!

This archive collects some of NICRIS Insurance’s most useful blogs from 2021 on a wide variety of subjects. We’ve gathered entry-level awareness pieces, deep dives that explain the pros and cons of traditional policies, and blogs on novel and emerging forms of coverage.

We hope you’ll find some informative and valuable material that helps you better understand insurance and how to use it!

Key commercial insurance insights

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Business insurance can be as essential to a company as financial statements and following OSHA safety rules. The right policy can pay back its monthly premiums many times over by providing financial assistance against outcomes like property damage, bodily injury, and crippling legal settlements and fees.

And as an increasing number of businesses and their everyday operations go digital, there’s also a growing necessity and demand for cybersecurity coverage. Connect with these blogs to learn about important commercial policies:

Key Differences Between Commercial General Liability and Business Owners Insurance
The Evolving State of Cyber Insurance in 2021
Why Companies are Investing in Cyber Insurance Policies
What is Cyber Insurance and How Does It Protect You?

Covering the personal insurance bases

A man holds a paper umbrella protecting a family and their possessions

Personal insurance often does more than look after an individual. Life insurance protects their loved ones. Auto insurance can cover an entire family and prevent a crash from becoming a financial crisis. And a sufficiently insured home may mean the difference between fixing a problem or having it become a permanent fixture.

There’s a lot to consider when insuring yourself against a rainy day, whether you live alone or with a family — and regardless of if you rent or own. Check out the blogs below to learn coverage strategies, what different personal insurance policies protect against, trends that affect rates and approvals, and more:

How Auto Insurance Can Be Impacted by (or Lead to) Identity Theft
A Basic Primer On Whole Life Insurance
How to Handle Skyrocketing Home Insurance Premiums
The Right Auto Insurance for High-Risk Drivers
Why Millennials Need Life Insurance Coverage, Too
How to Find a New Home Insurer if a Provider Drops You
Why New York Drivers Have More Expensive Auto Insurance
What’s Causing the Recent Drop in Life Insurance Policies?
Auto Coverage Fact and Fiction: 6 Myths and Misconceptions
5 Insurance Basics for First-Time Home Buyers
What No-Fault Insurance Really Means in New York State
How COVID-19 is Changing New York Life Insurance
Getting Real About Renters Insurance
Can Your Social Media Posts Influence Your Life Insurance Policy Premiums?
Quick Ways to Protect Your Home From New York’s Winter Weather
What’s Driving the Increase in Renters Insurance Policies?

But wait — there’s more!

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Don’t start 2022 without reviewing four of our most interesting blogs. They provide past and present information on insurance industry trends, valuable insights to de-stress the purchase of a first home in New York, and staying safe in our state’s winter weather:

The Use and Evolution of Automated Insurance Underwriting
A Look at Available Programs for First-Time Homebuyers in New York
Tips for Driving in a New York Winter
Will Blockchain Have a Positive Influence on the Insurance Industry?

Stay connected and covered in 2022 with NICRIS

It’s important to remember a couple of things: insurance is always evolving, and where you are in life or business significantly affects your present and future coverage needs. Speaking to expert insurance professionals who are well-versed in various policy types helps connect individuals and businesses with the plans that fit them.

The NICRIS Insurance team is here to give you the bigger picture on every policy type covered in this roundup. We can provide a free, personalized review to match the right coverage to your current circumstances and goals — or you can simply send us any questions by dropping us a line!