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Wedding Insurance: What You Need to Know

This type of event insurance can protect you against unforeseen delays and cancellations Rolling Stones lead guitarist Keith Richards has his hands insured. Soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs are insured by the team he plays for. Actor Daniel Craig had his...

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I’m Single. Do I Need Life Insurance?

Your debts aren’t forgiven if you die. Even if you’re not married, someone in your life may be required to pay them. Some decisions seem easier when you’re single, like getting life insurance. We know the reason behind this type of financial protection. Life insurance...

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Is it Ever Too Late for Life Insurance?

Paying bills and passing away are two unpopular subjects with most Americans. Many are leaving life insurance on the shelf as a result – but it pays to know how time and age factor into coverage Thinking about any form of insurance always means thinking seriously...

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Condo Insurance: How am I Covered in a Condo?

Who covers what? You have to know the answer when purchasing insurance protection for your condominium Homeowners insurance gives you the peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of theft, damage, and legal liability. But do you still have that peace of mind if...

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What Lapsed Insurance Means and How to Avoid It

There’s only one way to avoid a lapsed insurance policy – pay – but the loss of coverage may not start right away The meaning of a word may be open to interpretation during a conversation, but there’s no latitude when it comes to an agreement or contract. Letting...

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Umbrella Insurance Helps You Weather Legal Storms

How umbrella insurance can cover your assets With the state of our society, it is quite possible that you could face a lawsuit at some point in your personal or business life. And whether or not a suit goes to court, you could end up paying a substantial amount of...

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