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Insurance and the Internet of Things

The challenges and opportunities of insurance and the IoT The Global Internet IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the network of devices, vehicles, appliances and, anything else embedded with software and sensors that is networked with the Internet. Your computer,...

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5 Steps to Challenging a Denied Insurance Claim

Insurance is meant to protect you financially and legally in the event of an accident. Auto and homeowners insurance can keep you from having to shoulder the burden of costly repairs or replacement if your car or house is damaged. Unfortunately, claims are...

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SUM Insurance Coverage in New York has Changed

How New Yorkers can benefit from the new coverage law The next time you’re out driving and you stop at a red light, count the number of cars you see around you. If you get a number higher than eight (including yourself), chances are good that one of those drivers...

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Rising Water, Rising Rates

A look at what climate change means for insurance The threats of floods, fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes have many homeowners worried about their future. With the climate changing, there comes a greater risk for these disasters. And with an increase in natural...

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How Much Stuff Do I Have?

How to itemize your possessions for homeowners or renters insurance When it comes to your home, it’s hard to think about the unimaginable: losing your possessions in a disaster and using that insurance you’ve been paying for each month. With recent events like the gas...

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How to Compare Renters Insurance Quotes

What choices should you make to find the right plan? When considering renters insurance for the first time, the cost may not be the most important factor. There are different types of coverage, as well as policy management benefits. First, we’ll look at what renters...

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I Didn’t Know My Renters Policy Covered That

6 surprising benefits of renters insurance While buying a home is still the “American Dream,” there is no denying the growing number of people who are choosing to rent rather than own. Whether it’s for financial reasons or a desire to not be tied down to a permanent...

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